Semilac Cat Eye 3D Yellow 638

Semilac Cat Eye 3D Yellow 638

Semilac Cat Eye 3D Pink 639

Semilac Cat Eye 3D Pink 639

Semilac Cat Eye 3D Yellow 638

Transfer the hypnotising Cat Eye look to your nails and meet the Semilac Cat Eye in the completely new version- 3D! It means more glitter and more colour, an innovation that you have been waiting for. Cat Eye 3D is an ideal way to create an elegant and edgy look in one go. This shade of Cat Eye 3D reflects an intensive yellow, sprinkled with a shade of green.
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In stock

Curing time:

  • UV LED 3 W – 2 x 60 sec.
  • UV LED 6 W – 2 x 45 sec.
  • UV LED 9 W – 60 sec.
  • UV LED 24 W – 30 sec.
  • UV LED 36 W – 30 sec.
  • UV LED 24/48 W – 30 sec.
  • UV 36 W – 120 sec.




The application is simple and easy for people who already have experience with UV Hybrid manicures.


1.    Before applying Semilac Cat Eye 3D prepare your nails the same way as you would do for any UV Hybrid manicure.

2.    Apply a thin layer of Semilac Base Coat and cure it under the lamp (the curing time depends on the power of the lamp used).

3.    Choose your favourite colour, apply two layers to achieve the best results and cure it under the lamp.

4.    Apply Semilac Cat Eye 3D effect, use the magnetic pen to hover over the nail plate for 2-3 seconds until the desired effect is achieved.

5.    Once you achieve the desired look cure it under the lamp.

6.    Apply one of the Semilac top coats and cure under the lamp.


Semilac Cat Eye 3D effect can be applied on all colours from the Semilac range, however, the best effect is achieved when applied on Semilac Black Diamond 031.


For professional use


Semilac UV Hybrid Polishes should be used for professional use only by certified nail technicians. In order to complete a safe and satisfying manicure, you should have completed an appropriate level course. Semilac Academy accredited training courses are available online from just £100.00

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