Semilac Extend Base

Semilac Extend Base

Semilac Hardi Clear 7ml

Semilac Hardi Clear 7ml

Semilac Extend Base

Semilac Extend Base is a new innovative self-leveling base which allows for shaping and extending the nail even up to 1cm. The consistency of this product is thicker which also provides an easier application of the product. The most desired properties of a UV Hybrid Polish in one product.
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Application of the Semilac Extend Base is very simple even to those who are only starting their nail adventure.

1. Prepare the nail as usual and use the Nail Cleaner.

2. Apply Semilac Extend Base- the number of layers depends on the effect that you wish to achieve if you want to build the nail apply more layers and cure each under the lamp. You can also extend the nail using this product on the form. If you are using this product simply as a base, a thin layer is just enough.

3. Apply a thin layer of any UV Hybrid Polish colour and cure it under the lamp (two layers may be required for the best effect).

4. Apply a Top Coat and cure it under the lamp, your nails are ready!

Curing times:

UV LED 6 W – 2 x 45 s.

UV LED 3 W – 3 x 60 s.

UV LED 9 W – 60 s.

UV LED 24 W – 60 s.

UV LED 36 W – 30 s.

UV LED 24/48 W – 30 s.

UV 36 W – 120 s.

For professional use Semilac UV Hybrid Polishes should be used for professional use only by certified nail technicians. In order to complete a safe and satisfying manicure, you should have completed an appropriate level course.

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